School of Transformation

Bringing Heaven to Earth

“First Fruits Revolution Ministries is aligned with Global Legacy and with Glory Of Zion. Our passion is to see homes lit on fire for Jesus and to train young and old to be bold in their faith. We train everyone to learn to hear God’s voice and prophecy over people as well as train our students to heal the sick and bring deliverance and healing to the heart. Are you ready for a challenge? Are you ready to explore all the potential God has placed inside you? Are you ready to be a world-changer?
If you are saying YES’ -The School Of Transformation is for you! “

God is bringing transformation into the hearts of His people – and these people are bringing transformation to the world!  

We meet on Tuesday nights, please call first if you are considering joining.

First Fruits Revolution is honored to bring to you The School of Transformation. We use top quality curriculum most from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. We feature quality DVD speakers like Bill Johnson, Kris Vollotton, Chris Overstreet, Danny Silk, and Joan Hunter.

Other guest speakers have included Evangelist Earl Thurner and Tom Fisher.
Our school is set up into 3 quarters: Fall, Winter, and Spring with breaks between each quarter. Students will have a notebook each quarter with fresh corresponding material and books designed to challenge them to the next level in their relationship with God and understanding His word.


Application Process:

The Application Process Is Simple And The School Is Very Affordable.

The Cost Per Quarter Is $125. We Have Three Quarters. Fall, Winter, And Spring.
To Receive An Application Or More Information Please Contact Tina McCorkle At 253-297-0180 Or Steve McCorkle At 253-353-3997

 We also offer online learning through our Facebook Group Page. This has proven invaluable to all who want to learn and grow can regardless of their schedules. We look forward to this year’s curriculum-it is going to be good!


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